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Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft


Danmarks næste klassiker

A series of programmes on Danish Television premiere channel. A competition between six young talented designers to make a chair, a table, a pendellamp, childrens furniture, a two seater sofa, and finally an upholstered chair.


The picture shows the overall winning piece, “Bukki” designed by Rikke Frost, a childrens furniture aimed to enhance activity in a childs life. Let’s see if it really becomes a classic......


We worked with Rikke Frost for several weeks on more of her products, and would like to point out the collaboration in the workshop as a major reason for a successfull result.


Behind the scenes we work with many established Dansih furniture brands, to develop new pieces for further industrial production, and we like to say that we enhance the ideas of a designer because we have the knowledge, imagination and experience along with aesthetic sense and a focus on functionality.

Møbelsnedkeri Kjeldtoft
Årslev Kirkevej 20
Tlf:+45 86 29 20 22
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