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Arturo Erbsman

 ater Lamps’ showcased at Milan Design Week

Arturo Erbsman is 26 years old Paris based designer whose working tools are the different elements of nature.
His designs take a view of nature’s intervention in human conception. In his latest exhibition entitled ‘Water Lamps’ showcased at Milan Design Week, he tries to capture the beauty and fragility of water in all its forms to evoke the underlying message of sustainability.

Time and evolution are two major themes that he combines in handmade lighting objects using recyclable materials of which water is the foremost and quintessential.

The texture and the form of within each object is unique and often subject to their geographical location and weather conditions. The natural use of blue and white as the two main colors, in his works is linked to the surreal quality of water and its reflection.

ater Lamps’ showcased at Milan Design Week

ater Lamps’ showcased at Milan Design Week
Erbsman captures the inherent behavior of water to metamorphose and transport through space and time as exemplified in each project of his first collection 'Water Lamps'.

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