Find a comfortable place anywhere: pads, the modular seating landscape.

“pads playfully incorporates different structures to create interesting new approaches to sitting, working and communicating”, says Stuttgart design duo jehs+laub. And they should know: they designed the cosy, modular seating landscape for Brunner, which consists of a sofa and eight upholstery elements that can be combined with one another in any number of ways. The rounded corners on the various cuboids and the characteristic zigzag seam that stands out clearly from the four cover fabrics, including the artificial leather, are key. The available colours range from subtle to vibrant. Side tables with electrical connection and panels that act as both the back and a partition wall complete the set of elements for the creative design of central areas, waiting areas and lounge areas. They are used to create benches, recesses, seating islands and much, much more. Whether a place of retreat or a meeting point: pads strives to provide a pleasant stay for all.


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Design the world as you like it – pads lounge system is a modular set of elements for creating a wide variety of configurations, quiet areas and meeting points. Eight square elements, one sofa, supporting and protective panels and an electrified side table are ready and waiting to be put to use. Let’s go!