The basis for banc is the archaic bench, which also gave the product its name – an upholstered seating surface open to all sides. No more, no less. On top of a U-shaped aluminium frame, stable yet particularly delicate. This simple and transparent basic module can be extended at will and designed to all sides with completely upholstered back rests in three different heights. Whether as large seating landscapes, completely or partially open and space-structuring, or as small, screened-off booths creating room for calm work or confidential talks. Everything is possible, seating three or thirty. Everything is flexible, nothing is determined. Each element can be exchanged individually. banc is the perfect kit of building blocks that everybody can use to design what they need and like. banc is universal, but always special.• Lounge system featuring many combination optio


  • The modular kit for architects
  • Mobile seating elements and tables complement the bench elements
  • Armchair: pivotable, without self-return mechanism