nate = nature + technology. This furniture range is greater than the sum of its parts!

Produkt: nate und nate s

Design: ASK Atelier Steffen Kehrle


With the latest shaped wood technology and manufacturing techniques, Brunner has succeeded in creating a furniture range with a ground-breaking material composition: nate ingeniously combines solid oak or beech with a clever frame construction made from 100 percent recycled plastic. The result is 14 extraordinarily lightweight, yet stable, elements consisting of tables, chairs, stools and bench. They are ideally suited for use in catering facilities, business, care settings and public environments. The subtle yet distinctive nate design blends harmoniously into any architecture.



C Manfred Jarisch
© Manfred Jarisch nature + technology = nate

The heart and origin of the innovative product family is the modern nate high chair: from its practical functionality (easy care, low inherent weight, stackable) and its forward-thinking sustainability (renewable raw materials, recycled materials, can be sorted into different material types, fully recyclable). Its clean design follows organic lines: the solid wood chair legs are slightly tapered at the front and feature a gentle, natural curve at the back. This is also reflected in the exceptionally thin contact areas on the seat and back, crafted at just 6 mm and ensuring optimum seating comfort. Only the wooden elements have body contact while the spacious plastic visible traverse under-frame supports, surrounds and merges with them. The resulting striking appearance continues throughout the other six nate components and its nate s steel version.


C Manfred Jarish
© Manfred Jarisch S = steel instead of solid wood and plastic



nate s-chairs, -stools, -tables and -bench replace all plastic elements and the solid wood armrests, table legs and chair legs with a structure and frame made from slimline laser-cut steel tube with ecological powder coating. The concise, minimalist design gives the nate-s furniture a particularly subtle, timeless appeal.